Layout and Navigation

You should find this website fairly even easy to negotiate, but I thought you might find a few words about the layout and navigation helpful.


The structure of this website is laid out in three different categories:

  • Galleries contain the actual individual photographs.
  • Groups are similar to folders on your computer. They can hold galleries, other groups, and collections — which I'll describe next.
  • Collections hold links to various photographs contained in one or more galleries. A collection can contain, for example, several different photographs that share a special characteristic, although they reside in different galleries.


You can navigate this site with the use of just a few links accessible from nearly every page:
  • Menus near the top and bottom of each page. These menus drop-down or pop up respectively with links to sub-groups in the main groups.
  • "Breadcrumb" links found below the drop-down menus. These breadcrumbs allow you to move up to the gallery, collections or groups above your current level.
  • Clicking on Group or Gallery Cover. You can also move into a group, gallery, or collection by clicking on their cover image.
  • View individual photos by double-clicking on the thumbnail images within the galleries.

Main Menu

I have organize the main menu in the following manner:

All Photos

This link opens up the three main groups — outdoor, indoor, and special — containing the photographs on this website.


The links below Outdoor include groups of several categories of outdoor photographs.


The links below Indoor include groups of several categories of indoor photographs.


The links below Special lead you to collections and galleries that don't fit specifically in the outdoor or indoor categories.

Other Pages

The Other pages links lead to pages that contain information about the site, its layout and navigation (this page), contact information, and how to select and purchase photographs.

Photo Blog

This final link opens, in a separate tab or page, a photo blog that I maintain at another site.
I believe that, with this little bit of guidance, you should find no difficulty in navigating around the site and understanding its structure. If you find any of this information a bit confusing, please let me know using the contact link under the heading Other Pages.
Enjoy the tour.